Monday, April 15, 2013

Christina with her Lotus

I just brought her new album.."Lotus"..oh,forget to tell..dis is new album from Christina just showing a new her and try to express in different wey I guess..

From album cover..she really appreciate her body so much..try to be sexy by wearing nothing..nude..try to make fans believe that she still hot even though she is mother already..but still impressed me "ohhhhh..wahhhh"..hehe

From track 1 until 5,most of it are beat song..really attractive especially to youngster...but not me,hate these I old already?!...

But,the rest of,really perfect...most of songs really challenging for her to bring it high pitch,waved part..but she proved that she is different..just name it,she can sing various kind of tempo...

I'm not kind of music expert,just an ordinary listener and music myb my review slightly different from others...

Overall...I credit 7.8/10

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