Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another ghost movie..

I suddenly found 1 ghost movie at cinema website..malay movie.."Bisikan syaitan" was a title..

So plan to watch it tonight..after dinner with my office steamboat restaurant.

I reached at cinema around 10 pm and quickly get the ticket,afraid it was sold out coz today is an opening...but as usual,malay movie kinda no one would like to watch..only few seats are pithy.

But,only to support malaysia product,I willing to buy 'stupid' malay movie ticket rather than 'amazing' english movie..really sound stupid isn't it?...hehe..hopefully one day,dis industry really can stand together with hollywood..

For overall,the movie just so-so..not really early part,show some ghost image and its quite promising...but in the middle part until the end,its turn to many part was hanging and unexplain.....but it can conclude that this is really malay movie style...which seems quite promising at early and ended with disappointment..

I gave 5/10...

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