Monday, March 18, 2013

Palying with SimSimi

I just knew about this software last week..o funny and can release tension also..hehe

Last week, just gathered with my brother sister,after long time not see many thing talked and really excited talk about everything...about angah wedding pictures,about work and suddenly about simsimi....

Actually its just a simple software created by korean (according to my sister)...image of yellow duck,will reply any massage we sent to it...

If I sent "morning" will reply back like "morning" or other reply such "I dun care" really funny if simsimi reply something different than usual.

That software installed in my sister samsung hand phone...and we all played with it....really funny!!!..hehe...

That's application also can be open in our PC,blackberry and other android hand can play at office,on my office PC.....its make me crazy coz massage with no one (just pc application)..and laugh after, I passed the link to all my colleague...wanna share happiness with them...hehe

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