Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scorpio Guy

This time, the post its about me..hehe

I read an article about people who born under scorpio zodiac..suddenly found it from old magazine.

That article mention that scorpio guy is very independent and really hard working...can work without supervised and high intention on difficult task...and the same time,they are really easy got tempered if people try to obey them or not complete work matter boss or head of department..will get the same scold..

Last two weeks,my boss suddenly call me lazy worker...because of certain things that I don't know, he keep call me lazy...actually, that procedure he supposed to explain to me first because I'm still new in this field...but he fail to do that and thought I already knew about that...

I really angry at that time and me suddenly shouting at him...and the whole office listened to boss also just stand and don't know what to react ..

This case was so famous at my office until,don't play2 with scorpio guy ok!...they will venom u any time without asked..hehe

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