Friday, February 1, 2013

it's so hard without you..

Tonight is a special night...coz tonite is a last day my brother called a tomorrow morning he will be a husband..

No kenduri kawin at our side..coz of financial problem..but is not a big deal....the one who marry is my brother,not just manage to do kenduri kesyukuran is enough tonite is kenduri kesyukuran,just wanna pray blessing from Allah for tomorrow majlis nikah.

That hardest part is...he still have to work,even though his house got this time,we all family,uncles,aunts,cousins and grandpa grandma,gather for this kenduri kesyukuran,he not able to attend coz of work.....he have to work tonite...

I can feel his feeling now,so guilty,so upset coz of his missingness...

Upon his request,this kenduri is done...even he not here,everything followed according as plan...but we still felt so hard without him....,don't be so worry coz without you,every things still follow on ur plan...just finish ur work and comeback...ur son and daughter also ur wife is waiting for you......tomorrow,ur son will married,he need u beside him...coz u the only one his strength....
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