Saturday, January 12, 2013

Try to change...

Its sound good..perhaps. For this time I try to change writing in english.but really hard to accept after being so long in malay language.

1st of all, it is hard because of my english..NoOoottt SooOoo gOOoooDdd...hehehe.sometime wrong spelling,wrong grammar...that's the main reason why I don't like to "englishing" my blog.

2nd,I prefer to listen or read something in malay rather than english because,for me its easy to understand and accept it...

But, I got an influence from one blogger from singapore,which she can deliver much more when she writing in english.people like to read her articles and she get the not main reason,to be popular,why I'm doing this...but I wanna people outside read my columns,get my ideas and perhaps can influence them..that's the idea....

So,never look back..start from today,my blog will be fully in english...but let's say if suddenly my blog will be malay again,that's mean I miss an old version of my blog..

Wish me luck...and if people wanna correct me if I'm doing wrong in my english,that so pleasure...

Hehehehe....suddenly nervous!!
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