Saturday, January 19, 2013

Watching MAMA

This was planed a week ago...wanna watch this movie with my family..and finally its done...

This time we watching MAMA,a ghost movie from creator of Pan Labyrinth..

About that movie,I can say,it was one of great ghost movie....simple,great shoot,best acting and most important is enjoy!

Is not so scary..but most of the part,the story wanna show how close relationship between children and mother can be....even though "mother" is not human...

Really enjoy can watch a great movie with mom,dad,brother and sister.. last movie we watched is Skyfall-james bond. ...not too long ago laaa..hehe

And this time is the best record for ayah coz 1st time he never fall sleep when watching ghost movie..that's mean,this story can touch his interest...

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